Sales Guide: How To Enhance Your Sales Opportunities On Bozza.
Setting Up Your Bozza profile

1.Create A Bozza Profile
This is really important, make your profile look amazing, don’t forget people love great pictures.
Create A Bozza Profile
2.Upload Your Content To Your Profile
Pay attention to the title of your work, some of the greatest pieces of music, film and poetry had amazing, memorable titles!!
3.Upload A Biography
People around the world want to KNOW about you. Give them some interesting background on who you are and your work.
Your biography and story is important to audiences and fans.
4.Pictures and photos
A picture says a thousand words! Make sure that pictures you use for your profile and your work is the best it can be. We encourage you to use photos and or graphics.
We have noticed the better quality pictures enhances sales opportunities. So, try to avoid blurry selfies done on a mobile phone!

Next – Promote your Bozza profile using social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and don’t forget Whatsapp broadcast messages!

We have also noticed that the MOST successful selling artists use social media to promote their sales content on Bozza. Build loyalty and tell your audience about new tracks, albums and news about your work.

1. Complete your Bozza profile as described above.
2. Use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to tell people about your Bozza profile, news, track releases and sales content. Use your Bozza profile web address ( e.g. ) to direct people back to your Bozza profile