Za Iwe

Za Iwe


Product Genre: Afro Pop
Product Country: Malawi

Sam Chidothi has always been a Church boy, at the age of 8; he joined his church choir at Zomba Cathedral, where he would sing together with the choir about 3 times a week. When he turned 10 years old, Sam started his own crew “Soldiers of Righteousness”, which consisted of 4 boys, including him, being the guitarist and lead vocalist. They would perform at weddings and other functions around their village, however, only lasting a year.

Sam thought this was the end of the road for his music, but in Form 1, about two years after the ‘Soldiers of Righteousness’, he started another crew called “Zimbabwe Boys” together with his Zimbabwean cousin ‘Ben Chikowi’. “Zimbabwe Boys” were a Gospel Rapper group and would perform at their school assembly every Monday and Friday.

Sadly, only 2 years into the “Zimbabwe Boys” career, Ben Chikowi had to go back to Zimbabwe and Sam moved to Blantyre where after, he joined another church. At his new church, he was the lead vocalist in the choir; he was only 15 years old and Blantyre presented itself with music opportunities for the young Sam Chidothi. He recorded at “Rough Records” and ended up releasing his 1st single ‘Matamando’ which received only 3 weeks of airplay.

One day, 16 year old Sam was listening to the radio, where he heard an advert on radio from Matalala Records, which seemed to present a ground breaking opportunity for Sam, and he didn’t hesitate to take it. The advert asked artists to take their singles to the label, for a chance to be heard by Lee Chatata. Sam took the only single he had ‘Matamando’ as his demo. Lee appreciated Sam’s music, and had a small interview. Sam played a small sample of his own music on a guitar for Lee, where he then told Sam to record the song.

In 2009, Theo Thomson arrived from England and took over the Managing position. Theo too liked Sam’s song and continued to push it as his 1st single at Matalala Records ‘Mulungu Wabwino’. Thus Sam Chidothi was born and he became an official artist at Matalala Records, releasing his 2nd ‘Vina’ in 2010 which enjoyed airplay on all the radio stations in the Nation for about 3 months.

He has done a song featuring Theo Thomson himself ‘Your Love’ which is not officially out, and is currently working on his 1st music video for his 3rd single ‘Nthawi Zonse’ which is to be released this year.


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