Waaw Goor

Waaw Goor


Product Genre: Reggae
Product Country: Senegal

Ombre Zion was born in Senegal Pikine suburb. He grew up in a lot of music lovers who listened to the REGGAE where he got his first influences.Early attracted by RAGGA MUFFING, he reacted by a resume of Jamaican hits that times and quickly initiated himself in songs and toasts.

Ombrezion began the first part of his artistic life with two college friends Tekan Jah Man who shared the same passion.they formed the group SUPREME KADU Magg (SKM) in 1994.

He leaned on his solo career and made his stripes at the scene from 2005. His particular style has earned him a lot of featurings with the most famous rappers in Sénégal. He has participated in lot of national and international projects.
In 2010 he participated in the Mandinka GROOVE produced by Banlieue Rhythm Festival Guédiawaye and Pireneos Sure in Spania. Today Ombre zion Zion and the Fagasu Band( professionnal musicians) perfoms in lot of clubs and festivals in Sénégal
His participation in the third edition of the World Festival of Black Arts and Cultures (FESMAN 3) has earned a great recognition nationally and african.In 2012 his performance was outstanding in Africa Fete Festival of Mamadou Konte .Decouverte CCF Insrtitut Linguistics Leopold Sedar Senghor on may 2012.BEMA Salam Music Expo Festiaval.Djolof Reggae Festival at the Grand Theatre of Daka
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