Three Times A Lady

Three Times A Lady


Product Genre: Dance Hall
Product Country: Zimbabwe

Born Gerald Magwaza on the 3rd of february 1975,Chilla Bee grew up in Jerusalem in the high density surbub of Highfield located in Harare,the capital city of Zimbabwe.A surbub that was dominant in talents such as football,boxing and tennis but he regarded music as a source of life.At school Football was more popular than any other sport and became his favourite but not until he suffered a knee injury that forced him to join the school choir,After completing primary and secondary education at Chipembere and Marlborough high schools respectively,he realised he had lost a football career but had not lost his sweetest voice.Being the last born child in a family of two boys and a girl,his mother had always wanted him to sing in the church choir and by so doing this made him gain more experience in singing.At high school he and friends formed an accapella group called The Bass Squad and recorded their first demo although it did not do well.The following year,Chilla Bee together with other mischievious boys of his age went on to form another musical group called The Fraud Squad.The group was a mixture of RnB,hiphop and ragga but tragedy came when one of the trio fell off from a moving train and died instantly.In 1995 he went back to college to study mechanical engineering and graphic designing.In 2001 he met Freddy Mazivanzira aka Trinta and decided to team up calling themselves ChillaTrinta.This combination earned them a recording deal with Galaxy Entertainment music label.In the same year,they recruited a new member by the name of Luscious and formed the group Honey Vybz.For ten years the group became a household name with tracks like Tamari,Ndikuone,Nguva Refu and other hits too numerous to mention.Chilla’s 12 year musical experience with Honey Vybz proved worthwhile when he was engaged in the works of Portia Njagu aka TIA of the Boy You Got To Know fame in her hit single Ready For Your Love along with one of Zimbabwe’s best hiphop artist Mc Chita and Luscious and the video was slotted in South Africa’s Channel O 2007 videos.In 2008 Honey Vybz compiled all the singles they had done over the years to come with an album called Nguva Refu under the Chigutiro Music Record Label.In 2009 Chigutiro Music moved to South Africa for unknown reasons and this forced them to prematurely terminate their recording contract with them.Trinta then followed them to pursue his solo project but this did not stop Chilla Bee and Luscious from composing music.A year later they secured yet another recording deal with Eternity Record’s Macdonald Chidavaenzi aka Macdee,one of Zimbabwe’s youngest musical producer and they recorded the controversial single Machechi(churches) and Sadza neStew and both songs has videos.In 2011 Chilla Bee and Luscious composed the theme song for the biggest ever Zimbabwe’s Mbada Diamonds Soccer Tournament song Mbada Bhora featuring the soccer commentator Charles Mabika.This anthem was produced by Lungisani Sanii Makhalima at Umsindo Records.And in 2012 they went back to Eternity Records for a deal with Mbada Diamonds and did another soccer anthem ,Mbada Yatsika Bhora.In February 2013 Chilla Bee was offered another recording deal by a well known producer called Chil4Ril and this was his first experience working on a reggae rythm called Chord 135.On that rythm he did a song called Zion Train which hit the charts towards the end of 2013 and became an instant hit that is still rocking the airwaves.The same year he went on to record another single entitled Smile under the same music label.The single Three Times A Lady was recorded at Chil4Ril studios in 2014.The tracks Zion Train,Smile and Three Times A Lady are currently on the local music charts and all have videos which are currently being played on ZTV


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