Thank you Tata (Madiba) Ft. Ruff Kat and Patricia

Thank you Tata (Madiba) Ft. Ruff Kat and Patricia


Product Country: South Africa

Angolan born, AkA 47 was my toy, I used to suck bullets like lollipops, later on another country took me n tried to restore my mind, but could not help as it troubled itself in the late 90’s, Namibia said I can help and yes it did but Mandela’s freedom was too powerful, letting me in a business college. Here I am, I Am a child of war, a son of tanks, baboons of the Angolan jungle used to be my friends just that they didn’t teach me their language. I speak and sing in six languages including French, Portuguese and obviously English, got boxes of lyrics, been writing since I left my birth ground, one of my first songs features on my French album (Je reviendrai Papa meaning I will come back Dad). My resignation from the retail industry in 2014 has helped me focus on my passion, so basically my force to the market only started last year (2014) and this year (2015) I have called it 2000 feel me…Rrrrrr


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