Teka Mbilu

Teka Mbilu


Product Genre: Other
Product Country: South Africa

?real name:Jabulani Nkateko Maluleke
Stage name: Mzitho

??He is one of hip hop’s
freshest stars with an
amazing talent for
rapping. But that isn’t the
only reason we decided to
have Mzitho as our #MCM
– we love how he makes
his fans (mostly women)
go crazy when he’s on
stage doing his thing. We
chat to this rising star
about music, love life and
Freedom Day.
You went from
being an ordinary
featured MC at
sharing the stage
with legendary
artists across
Africa. How would
you describe your
journey so far?
It has been awesome.
Through growing as an
artist and travelling, I
have met really amazing
people. This has allowed
me to network with
business people, and create
great relationship.
Would you say
your style of
music has
changed since the
launch of your
I always strive to be
different. Every song I
have is unique. When you
are Rorry artist, you
also don’t want to fall into
the trap of sounding like
others. I just want to make
sure I’m never compared
to others. The only thing
that is different about my
music now is that there is
a touch of base and trap,
and my lyrics are heavy.
Do you think you
everything you set
out to do?
Not at all! I’m so far from
where I want to be; this is
just me having one foot in
the fame. I won’t stop now
– the journey has just


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