Stoic Shadow – Shadows Never Die

Stoic Shadow – Shadows Never Die


Product Genre: Christian, Hip hop, Other, Spaza
Product Country: South Africa

This vibrant young artist recognizes Hip Hop (the culture) as an instrument to emancipate the ability that people have to philosophize. This ability has been suppressed under hypnosis by popular media, which creates fictious images of success; making members of society believe that they can acquire success without labour. He states that, “Since Hip Hop is what majority of the young generation is into, Hip Hop artist should act in cohesion and endeavor in changing the deceived minds of people.”
He tries to change the view of people thinking that material aspects of a person’s life are what is important. “True, those material objects are usually a sign of success, but you will acquire those things without labour. And don’t get what you desire in an unethical way or if you can’t afford it, you’ll only make things harder for yourself.” Stoic Shadow said. He goes on to state his goal, “My objective is to inspire or mentally liberate at least one individual and hope to cause a ripple effect of change in society.”
Stoic Shadow’s lyrics often contain references to religion, politics, mythology, conspiracy theories and the paranormal. He believes in making proper use of his right to freedom of speech and expression.


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