Spiritual Happiness

Spiritual Happiness


Spiritual Happiness

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Product Country: Zambia

Jones Kabanga popularly known as Sir Jones ,47 is a drummer,bass and lead guitarist and percussionist. He plays Afro Jazz, rock, Kalindula, Soul and rhumba.
Jones has won achievements as best guitarist in B’sharp a band where he is a long standing member. He has also won Best Guitarist in 2002 in the Lifetime Achievement Award and Best guitarist in 2013 and 2014 in his home country Zambia.
Some of his early recordings being with Mondo music,Yesu Culture,Daddy Zemus,Jk, Maureen Lilanda,Shatel, Benson Simbeye,Elijah Tembo,Salma, to name a few.
Jones has toured in South Africa ,played at ICASA2000,Botswana with Izitombi Zesi Manje, Afro sunshine, Wacko Jam, SADC music festival Zimbabwe in 1995 and SA.
In his European tours he has worked with Music Crossroads and toured with Shakarongo to Scotland under the Zambian National Arts Council teaching African music in schools, Daughters of Africa in Holland and Belgium and the ethno Music camp in Croatia and Sweden playing with bands such as Blue Scene, Semeni band, pink cadillac, black Diamond and with Shakarongo.
Listen to the music of ‘ Sir Jones’ as he is best known to his fans.


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