Product Genre: Spaza
Product Country: South Africa

Iizingqi Zerhamba, one of South Africa’s freshest talent. This is a Hip Hop crew of two talented Rap artists (Blek-Jay Anathi and Babalo Yisa) residing in the Western Cape – in a small town called Ceres. The name “Iizingqi Zerhamba” is a Xhosa phrase, referring to the sound (rhythmic crawling) of a Puff adder snake.

The two were introduced to the streets of Hip-Hop at their teenages, in the year 2007 Sinkwa caught his Rap character, while Blek-Jay joined in during the year 2008 until they formed the group in 2009.Iizingqi Zerhamba serves music to a specific type of crowd/listeners. Their sound varies from Ghetto (township) stories to individual personalities, which basically means their music mostly talks about everything happening around their society – they are inspired by the day-to-day occasions around them. Iizingqi Zerhamba’s type of Rap is classified as Spaza Hip-Hop, which evolved from the streets of Cape Town around Khayelitsha and Gugulethu. Their story-telling music got them on the pedestal around their community, they have recieved so much love from every place they performed in.

As hard-working as they are, the two is commited and very passionate about they do. They are aiming to make it big in the music industry, desiring to be heard by billions of ears on the kasi stories that they tell.

Since Iizingqi Zerhamba had the mentality of standing up and getting on the grind, they got in the streets of Cape Town and worked with recognized producers and artists in the Western Cape. The group has recorded a couple of songs at M4M Records in Delft South and will soon be working with Khetshe Productions’ producers – Khetshe Productions is one of the well-known recordimg studios in Cape Town, which has also recorded and been visited by a couple of big names such as Driemanskap, Oskido (Kalawa Jazmee), Slikour, DSO, Sphura EC and others.

Iizingqi Zerhamba has been, so far, performing in places around the Witzenburg area in the Western Cape. They have achieved, for one of their performances, a title as the “Number 3 best performers” at a June 16 Event that was hosted by the Social Developement of Cape Winelands, where they were in competition with Zubenice from Mpumalamga, ArvieFab, Major and other artists from the Witzenburg area.

Blek-Jay and Sinkwa believe that for them it is still the beginning and they are still going to be around, believing that they will succeed on what they are doing. As very humble as they are, Iizingqi Zerhamba is willing to connect with as many artists as they could, as well as fans/music supporters.

“We love what we do, not only doing it for us, but also for every individual that loves music and seeing talent grow from a no-body to somebody.”

FACEBOOK: Blek-jay anathi isingqi serhamba
Babalo Yisa



Blek-jay: 0747622725



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