Product Genre: Reggae
Product Country: Senegal

Sun Sooley, name of art of Jules Souleymane Ba (Dakar, February 1st 1973), is a senegalese reggae singer
An artist with many influences who began to be known in Senegal through the dance in the 1988.
At the beginning of the nineties he begins to express his art creating some bands and playing in Dakar.
In 1993 he joins one of the most famous senegalese hip-hop crew, the P. Froiss, but he reaches the national success with the group Jant-Bi with whom he got the national record of sales into the hip-hop music category in 1996, with over than 80.000 copies After five successfull years with the Jant-Bi, he starts his solo carreer and together with the late bass player Abdourahmane Wone, known also as “Countryman”, form the band Akiboulane. The group succeed by imposing the marginalized reggae in Senegal and produce a compilation with 12 artists from reggae to hip-hop.
In the 2003 Sun Sooley realize his first reggae album “Siratikal Moustaqim” (The Straight Path”) and a video clip with the famous Baba Maal “Soukanayo.”
In September 2005 he travels to France and start to record his next album and do play gigs from Paris to the south of France.
Moved to Italy at Milan since 2008 he publishes in
February 19 th 2010 his album, the first international, “One Day Inna Babylon”.
This one is classified as one of the best reggae album 2010 in Italy .His tour from north to south of Italy make him open shows of Capleton, Sizzla, Julian Marley, Israel Vibration, Max Romeo, Alpha Blondy..
The same year Sun Sooley is finalist of the European Reggae Contest in Italy and play at Rototom Sunsplash Festival at the Lion Stage and at the Main Stage with Alpha Blondy in “Cocody Rock”.
Sun Sooley is considered as a very conscious reggae artist and one of the new upcoming african reggae artist most noted in Europe and a in his Motherland Afreeka.
2012- Ghetto life (Single of the new album)
2010- One day inna babylon
2003- Siratikal Moustaqim
1999- Daax Neex (Jant-bi)
1998- Bop sa Bop (Jant-bi)
1996- Ku mer bokko (Jant-bi)
-“The key” with Rootical Foundation (Album “Human Rights”)
-“Afreekan Rebel” in So Precious riddim


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