Paultwin freestyle beat session

Paultwin freestyle beat session


Product Genre: Hip hop
Product Country: Nigeria

Paultwin is a fast rising Nigerian rapper,He started writing rapps since age twelve.
Paultwin’s full names are “Okoye Paul Chukwuebuka” and he hails friom Amawbia in Awka south local government,Anambra,Nigeria
Paultwin gave himself the stage name “paultwin” because he has a twin whose names are “Okoye Peter Chukwubuike”.
The rapper came into the world in the year 1996,12th march and hit the studio for the firt time in 2012 decemember with hit single titled “lazy lady”,but before droping his hit single he also wrote a novel that same year 2012 titled “Agony of life”.
Later in 2013 he droped another single “what me whant” featuring rapfix,paultwin also did another wonderful song in 2013 which are “omalicha nwa” “going higher and the popular “okaligo egwu” featuring paultwin,p jet,t plan,city boy,top kid and rapfix.In the same 2013 he released his second novel “the killer beast” which made a lot wave
The amazing thing about this young rapper is that he rapps and writes,it’s amazing,to know more about his books go to or and like his page.or call +2348166456961 or cotact him at
Paultwin is currently working on collabo with one of the Nigeria’s highest rappers and singers(names witheld),this dude fast rising,he’s got many tracks to give and he sure won’t disappoint his fans
I won’t forget to say that he is the last in a family of six(2girls 4boys)in respect of mr and mrs Christopher okoye.
Paultwin was a student of “Amawbia boys” now known as “union secodary school,Amawbia”.He went to “igwedumma primary school” as primary school pupil
Paultwin de rapper
Paultwin de writer
Paultwin de quoter
paultwin also has many quotes which he normally posts on the facebook link provided above and you can also read his novels by likeing the page


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