New Era

New Era


Product Genre: Hip hop
Product Country: Zambia

Straight outta Ndola (N.D.L) on the Copperbelt Province, in Zambia, the Real Africa; Morfyas (Pronounced as Morpheus & Stylized ‘Morƒyas’ ) is a 23 year old Christian rapper and record producer whose Government/Birth names are Mofya Gerald Chanda. Morƒyas began writing music in primary school but only concentrated much on music after completing high school in 2011. Music has always been a passion for this young man… with most of the influence coming from a home that played music none-stop.
He released his first project/mixtape on the 16th of June 2013 titled Birthmark for free download on Reverbnation. It was a gift to all music lovers despite being deleted off the site later for re-Mastering. The real special part is that, the release date also happens to be his date of birth (June 16 (1993). So, instead of demanding a gift or two, he gave one himself. The project was entirely self produced and features other local artists in Ndola. Despite the songs having a low quality, the mixtape carries a lot of weight when one listens to the message in each track. As he was still discovering himself as an artist in the industry, he apparently lost track and started to lose faith the following year (2014)… seemingly because, the devil wasn’t happy about the path he had decided to take music wise. Challenges made him fold under pressure and he succumbed to releasing a compilation of secular songs in the year of 2014… check the following link for further citations ~
2015 was more of a reflective year mostly on the choice made to switch sides: Apparently, no music was released in that year. Nonetheless, thanks to the never ending Grace of Jehovah God, he found the strength to pick up where he left off in the first quarter of 2016, and is yet to release his debut EP slated for 24th of October 2016. Two singles have already been released, namely; (i) Gone Astray & (ii) The Most High. Morƒyas is currently building his own Studio/label while making deals with several others that are already established in the Zambian Music Industry.
That about sums it all up: The good, bad and ugly. Watch the space for more music from this talented artist. Show some love & support by downloading, listening, sharing and purchasing his music….
P.S: Shout out to Emma Kaye and the rest of the team at for such an amazing platform for artists to share their talents and gifts. Peace! Salute. Remember to follow on Twitter, Instagram and like His Page on Facebook e.t.c….


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