Product Genre: Christian
Product Country: South Africa

No Limits was formed in the March of 1995 in Orlando West. Back then they were just a collective of students living in Africa’s largest township Soweto. With time and desire to try out ‘this music thing’ the group was born.
They have since discovered what gifts they were given, in the form of their voices, and the plan that God has for them to use them for His Glory.
No Limits have performed over the years, nationally and abroad. They have also independently recorded 5 albums by 2006. They give Africa a lift to the world of vocal afro-jazz-gospel music and we love sharing this with the rest of the world. Their music and lyrics are inspired by Christian beliefs. Their music fuses elements of classical to jazz music and anything in between, yet remains decidedly South African in its nature. Our recordings are made of original compositions and arrangements; we believe this adds to the level of uniqueness you will enjoy as you listen.


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