Ndifun ugoduka

Ndifun ugoduka


Product Genre: Spaza
Product Country: South Africa

Name Khanyisa surname Phindela. Born on the 7 August 1995.. I’m the last in a family of 5 children. .was born in E.C in Centane but had little time raised in Cape Town and little time in the Eastern Cape. My mother passed on around 2003 and thats when I went to spend time in Eastern Cape and came back to Cape Town in 2007 to finish my grades.
As time went on I met some friends and they introduced me to music. I started discovering my Rap name “M-kay” from the nickname Makhanya of which I was called by those around me. At that time I was in grade 8…thats when it all started.. at school at an arts and culture. .thats when I started making music my priority. I started performing and attending events here around Cape Town and so I’m wiling and waiting to go forward and make it with music.


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