My Simple Little Song

My Simple Little Song


Product Country: South Africa

Maya Elizabeth Spector is a rising talent in the South African music and theatre world. Coming from a culturally diverse, musical family, she grew up in Japan, Swaziland, America and South Africa. She graduated in 2009 from the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in jazz performance and music education.

Maya has appeared on stages around South Africa in international and South African musicals and she has also been a lead vocalist and back-up singer with many different music groups and she has performed and recorded with a number of leading South African artists.

Her voice has a texture that might be best described as an old soul, weathered by life and schooled by adversity, yet still so alive in vocal tone and bubbly in its expression.

Having recently finished her long-awaited Ep, Maya is now writing new material and performing gigs in and around Cape Town and beyond. She keeps herself vocally fit and ready for the next opportunity – wherever it may take her.

Her most recent works include a house music collaboration with Native Roots “Stay with Me” ( and her debut radio single “Slow”, which has been featured on the Cape Town station Heart 104.9 fm local chart; something that is certain to set your own musical inspiration running rampant.

One thing is for certain, Maya Spector does not live for music, she is alive because of it!


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