Karma Gordon – Halleluyah

Karma Gordon – Halleluyah


Karma Gordon – Halleluyah

Product Genre: Other
Product Country: Zambia

Gordon David Hoare, born on the 10th of July 1991 in the Cold season evenings during the rise of a full moon.His mum said “You came into the World on a bright night, and you used to cry really softly,so soft that it sounded tolerable and nice to listen to!

Gordon spent most of his childhood in Ndola but relocated many times during this time .He went to primary school at Kansenshi Basic, Rhema high and Ellensmere boarding. When the family moved to Lusaka he went to Lumumba for high school.
Gordons talent for entertainment was born during his school years and he was appointed as Entertainment prefect . Acting Action drama at school and always wanting to be the main actor in every play…lol! “I never knew I could sing before I tried…but I never felt that I could..

Gordon started Playing his Guitar in 2013.Before that he was a was a full time rapper,”break dancer and street dancer”
His hobbies are singing ,composing and writing .
I like to perform to drive peoples emotions ..make them cry and make them laugh..im good at that when I mean to!
Twitter : @GoldenRay1973


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