This is an Inspirational and motivational masterpiece served on the plate of Music through the hip hop genre. It is a very melodious tune and if you are a fan of Melody, then you will be so glad to have stumbled on this. The song tells a story of a young boy whom was cut in the confusing middle course of sticking to who the society perceives him to be( mediocre) and chasing his dream. So after deciding to go for his dreams, he preaches that the time he spent making his choice and moves wasn’t him being at sleep but JUST DREAMING.

Product Genre: Hip hop
Product Country: Nigeria

Smockizzy is a rapper , singer and songwriter from the South Eastern region of Nigeria. He is a very versatile artist and his sounds are heavily influenced by Hip hop, Afrocentric and reggae genres.

He discovered his music talent at a very young age, after he learnt of his unique skill of songwriting at the age of 14. After graduating from high school in 2011 , he decided to go pro by becoming a recording artist and with his 1st effort on a track he was recognised at the 2012 Top Naija Music Awards as a finalist in the Best Upcoming Artist category. This motivated him to further put in more work and in 2014 got recognized once more at Top Naija Music Awards as a finalist in the Lyricist on the roll category. Also in 2014 he got an international award as \”Most Promising international Act\” at the


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