Product Genre: House
Product Country: South Africa

South African Rapper Nemi crafts an interesting and exciting brand of World Music that delivers entertaining music to audiences in any sphere of life.

The Production has a personal touch from the artist himself and the collaborations are tailored musically, have a listen and receive the gift of enjoyment from the music creative.

27 Year Old Mpumalanga native, Nemi’s first indie effort “Alive” came courtesy of Tntronix Entertainment which managed and marketed Nemi’s music at the time. The offering received critical acclaim in the city he’s been based in for over 8 years, Pretoria.

Tshwane Sun said about Nemi, “Hip Hop is a growing sensation and the latest addition is Nemi”. This was 2009 and at the time he was documented to have been a regular mainstay feature on the local nightlife and entertainment circuit around Gauteng.

The album received much press and airplay around Gauteng. The Momentum was carried through on to the next Project, “For her Sake”, which got as far being featured on South Africa’s no. 1 music blog, Music Industry Online i.e.

The album received a warm reception at local radio stations like Unisa Radio, Top Stereo and more media outlets. The Project was recorded at Articulate Artist’s studios in Moreleta Park, Pretoria.

The Album featured 12 exciting and well crafted songs including the lead single, “La La La” which is still available on the Music Industry Online website. The Project featured Safar-I of Articulate Artists, Pretoria Metal Guitartist, Elmo from a local Metal Band, with a few other rappers. The Project featured a varied sound that ranged from pop, metal rock, afro pop, dance and EDM sounds.

Since then Nemi has worked on various projects including an unsuccessful crowd sourcing project for a charity organization based in Soweto, Johannesurg while he had moved there to pursue his music career.

The Project was initially called “A 100 days of a 1000 songs” and received feedback from industry giants such as Bun B. The project lapsed after only 7 days and only managed to release 70 songs within that unsuccessful project span.

Nemi is currently working on his latest offering, “Green”, which is scheduled for released on 21 November 2015. It is a World Music rap offering that promises to thrill and entertain.


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