Product Genre: Deep House, House, Other
Product Country: South Africa

When a powerful and compelling emotion stirs in your soul, nothing will hold you back. Producing is MusiCLI’s passion.

Composing, music, South Africa , people and social commentary is MusiCLI’s passion.

Stories that affect peoples everyday lives are the stories he relays back in his music.

This desire for social commentary prompted him to produce his first track “We Are The Law” with Lucy Tops, A story about our rights as citizens, and how together, we can overcome all obstacles thrown at us. As well as women controlling men and taking over the world.

In his second track “My South Africa” MusiCLI tells us a story of his vision of a peaceful south Africa, free of rape and racism.

His enthusiasm for the music scene is encapsulated in the way he performs. Mixing in live elements such as Keyboard, Sax , and guitar in unconventional live performance.


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