i will never let you go

i will never let you go



Thulani who calls himself on his fans as AFRI have built a classic smart trusted connection with people like Raymond Lopez (VEVO C.E.O) Top Dj ROB NICE and The fast cars businessman Erickson Sam Vierkant and later got Discovered by Roy Alexander of ESCADES HOTEST FEMALE DJs (www.escadesdjs.net) and carries all top djs in the world and later met Ming Lee a U.S.A woman soldier who introduced me a number of international stars. Thulani known as Afri has now connected himself to most music lovers around Miami , California and New York , Jamaica, Uk and Most international Djs globally. In 2013 he went back to his Stone Business where he build a company of 35 workers and was accused by his former boss of stealing his clients and opened a case over him. He was arrested and kept in Suncity prison in 2016 February to May and won all cases. He have a daughter Yolanda born in 2007 with Nomakhosi Zondi (Pietmaritzburg) and son Thulani Clifton Junior born in 2015 with Nyarai Gorimbo in Pretoria. Thulani (Afri) is not married yet. His mother passed away in September 2014 and remained with his siblings from his Step dad – A former veteran Debiah Maduma. His siblings are Khumbulani, Pamela, Talent and Sengeziwe. He is an orphan since he lost both his parents but still believe with relatives he have that he is a survivor. He released his first album out in stores worldwide (Shake up your bum bum) with 5 songs and doing very well in the market. He is a go getter. Thulani known as Afri in the music industry is a producer, song writer and a live stage performer
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