I Time

I Time


Product Genre: Hip hop
Product Country: Senegal

I-Science, in wolof (Senegalese idiom) slang means : “Something that will make you wander, that will make you reason”.

We are all living in a crossraods of identities : this is the time of the melting-pot generation. The band’s wish is to represent the union of these different identities and becomethe ambassadors of the « In between »!

Since 2008, I-Science has been exploring the inner dephts of their musical soul and reflecting on the place of humans in this world and on their quest for identity. This on-going reflection is nourished by diverse exchanges and encounters. This is why I-Science actively collaborate with numerous Senegalese and international artists.

Hip Hop, Funk, Afro, Blues, Reggae, Ska, Roots,…. Don’t even try to put them in a box !!! Their music reflects their amazing ability to mingle with all cultures.


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