I live to tell stories of our time

I live to tell stories of our time


I live to tell stories of our time

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Born & breed in the cosmopolitan city of Nairobi, Kenya, Daniel D’uwa was bitten by the writing bug at an early age. At 13 he started writing poetry and become a published poet at 15! He is a multimedia contemporary story teller keen to document our stories local stories.

While most teens were toiling finishing homework, kicking balls & playing spin a bottle, Daniel was burning the proverbial midnight oil writing poetry. By 18, he was concentrating on the vibrant entertainment scene in the cities & towns within Kenya.

The music & arts are very close to him, and he is a founding member of the annual music festival Kenya Music Week. With an emerging & dynamic media scene developing, Daniel wanted to journey his story telling from text to television by directing Krazie Kenyans, a popular hidden camera comedy show on Citizen TV. The show become one of the biggest & most followed.

The ever changing market & technology brought his way some excitement when in the middle of a shoot, the film cameras crushed & he had to complete the project on a mobile phone camera. This was to usher in a new era of experimentation finding means & ways to use a mobile phone.

Four years into it, Daniel has shot amazing projects little of which scream mobile at a glance. Unless prior notified, there are times when the difference between his mobile project & film project is unnoticeable. He insists that a lot of work still remains to get mobile filming up to par, but he sees it as an ‘awesome’ avenue for everybody to tell their stories.

Daniel was featured in a short Hollywood limited release movie called The Africa Plan. When he is not telling stories, Daniel likes to hide in far flung places off the grid in the obscurity of the Rift Valley or let his hair down and enjoy the town.


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