How it all begun

How it all begun


Product Genre: Afro Jazz, Hip hop
Product Country: South Africa

Luzz (Luzuko Masumpa) was born in the year of 1989 on the sixth of June in a marriage. At a very young age his mother moved him to the Eastern Cape in a small town by the name of Tarkastad to stay here with his cousins under the guidance of their older aunt
Growing up, Luzuko passed all his grades with no yearly repetitions. He finished high school with no struggles at all (mentally). He finishes his matric in the year of 2006 and moved permanently to Cape Town to pursue his studies. Due to the disadvantaged background of his high school they never got any career orientations or informed about processes of applying for tertiary studies and this took a toll on him as he was on and off on colleges but in 2009 he got accepted at Cape Peninsula University of Technology for a Human Resources Management Diploma which was a three year course. In 2012 September he graduated at this University, making him the first person to ever graduate on a tertiary level amongst the siblings he grew up with.
Although Luzz never showed it growing up but he used to scribble a lot when he was growing up because he mentions that he has a music book of his own work during his high school phase, but he would probably be embarrassed if he could ever access it due to his poor spelling because English is not his first language and in township schools where he grew up. Most of the classes were commenced in Xhosa. But he later on sharpened his grammar as he also liked reading
. Even when he was in tertiary he continued writing songs and poems hoping his day will come to be in the forefront of his passion. He got his first break in when he met his homeboy (Sabatha Andre Ngesi) who also grew up in Tarkastad and move to Cape Town after. They both shared the same interest which was “Hip Hop, Beer, and Girls” as he states. Sabatha also known as Ill Dre stayed in Dunoon while Luzz stayed in Khayelitsha. In Dunoon Sabatha was friends with a crew by the name of One Movement which is a hip hop crew consisting of Bulelani Melane (Qhawe), Sinethemba Gogela (Ruffkat), Sthembela Tonderai (Stherra), Xolela Ngolo (Nasty X) and Zwilakhe to mention few but many. Andre invited Luzz over to Dunoon and he quickly blended in because they all were into Hip Hop. He admits that he knew little about Hip Hop until he met One Movement now his sentimetics are a little wider on the subject. This is when he firstly ever recorded a verse as he and One movement featured on a track called War Zone by Zwilakhe for Zwilakhe’s 2009 mixtape


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