Hip Hop

Hip Hop


Product Country: South Africa

Having always been passionate about music, after graduating from high school, the plan for Blayze was to go and study music and pursue a career in entertainment. At that stage, his parents intervened and advised other-wise to ensure he had a career “back-up plan”. Staying true to wanting to be in a creative space, he then applied for and successfully completed a B.Com Degree in Marketing and explored the corporate sphere for nearly four years post graduation. Blayze worked hard and began securing a bright future for himself with an established gaming and resorts company; Sun International. Although he had a promising career ahead of him, Blayze didn’t feel fulfilled, he felt that there was more that he wanted to do creatively, and the career he’d currently found myself in did not allow for him to express that creativity. He suppressed the “itch” until August 2009 after which he resigned from his corporate job and made a conscious decision to pursue his own entrepreneurial interests with the entertainment industry. Following a brief trip abroad and some short term interests within other entertainment based opportunities; he then focused solely on establishing Blayze Entertainment; an independent creative record label. His decision to leave the safety net of the corporate world; was a tough one but probably one of the most emotionally rewarding decisions he says he ever made. “Life’s short, you need to experience all that you can, pursue what you are passionate about and take risks. If you don’t, you’ll never know”. Blayze’s life maxim is Dream Big Hustle Hard, and he’s always strived to be successful at everything he’s put his mind to and this endeavour is no different.

Blayze suffered a near fatal car accident in December 2010 breaking his back 3 ribs and his sternum but survived the ordeal and returned to produce, record and release his first collaborative single titled ‘Jozi’s Finest’ which features some of the biggest and established, as well as up and coming names in the South African music industry such as Pro-Kid (2010 Channel O Award winner- Best South Video , J-Namic (Urban Reign, 2010 Channel O award winner-Best Rnb ), Ntukza (Teargas- Multiple Award Winners), Marie-Chan- (Jamali- SAMA Award winners) and Fameboy Hydro (2010 Channel O award nominee- Best Newcomer) This production showcased the quality and all round creative talent that Blayze is becoming known for and will continue to produce in order to solidify Blayze Entertainment’s position within the South African music industry.

Later in 2011 Blayze released his second single titled “We get it poppin” which again featured J-Namic and Mariechan. This single is a club track about having a good time with the right people.


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