God s Nature

God s Nature


God s Nature

Product Genre: Other
Product Country: Zambia

. Tossy a guitarist and Song writer believes that the best story that can ever be told is that which a child of God tells concerning how God has transformed one’s life and he also believes this is a story that his music carries. Carrying the mantel is the purpose God called us and daily Tossy believes that worship should fill our lips. Singing in different places, churches and other Christian gatherings is where my gift belongs and a statement to move to a higher level with me means continuing in the work that God has called me to do. The stories of this ministry in music started by touching one soul, then it lead to another. Through this walk and spiritual drive, the love of God continues to achieve the calling of God that is in me and other young men and women that have been called out to save. Through Christ we have and daily we shall achieve all things by his strengthening. I am a book that has been opened to be read and will continue to manifest through his Grace.


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