Ghetto Life


Its a story of young person who grows up with circumstances stuck against him/her due to past and what had happened. its that strong deep lyrical song but to motivate and encourage young people to be better than what is expected of them by the circumstances of the background.

Product Country: South Africa

South African Rapper

Name : Mokgoma Tshepisho
Surname : Maake
Stage Name : DRADBOY
D.O.B : 10 July 1985
Qualification : Journalist
Signed : Loud Jam Entertainment
Owner : Loud Jam Entertainment (Pty) Ltd
Started : 01 February 2002 till present
Position : Managing Director/Co-Founder/Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Sound Engineer
Profession : Hip-Hop Artist/Producer/Songwriter/Managing Director/Music Producer
Prev. Co. : Deeper Thesis Records
Prev. Work : Artist/Assistant Producer & Sound Engineer
Prev. Projects : Love, Musiq & Life Mixtape 2006
: Train of Thought Mixtape 2007
: P.U.S.H Mixtape 2015
Rec. Projects : Rhythm and Poetry Mixtape 2017

Mokgoma Tshepisho Maake (born July 10, 1985), known professionally as DRADBOY, is an South African rapper, music producer, composer, sound engineer, record label owner , and songwriter. Born and raised in Limpopo, Ga-Sekgopo Village, he became the first rapper in 2001 and after several of his online posts and audio songs went viral on, facebook, soundcloud, reverbnation, soundrop, tunecore and music in africa. From 2015 to 2017, he appeared as a yearly Balo Soul music festival in Limpopo following his single Street Callin\’ (Murder), and released his mixtape—Rhythm And Poetry.

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DRADBOY has earned three number-one singles on the GL FM; \”Street Callin (Murder)\” made him the first male rapper to top the chart with a solo output—following King Monada in 2016, \”Ga-Sekgopo Bona Fide (featuring Dr. BZ)\” made him the first male rapper to attain multiple number-one songs on the chart, and his Drake collaboration \”What if\” extended that record. His debut studio album, Rhythm And Poetry (2017), on which the first two songs were included, debuted at number one on the radio stations top 40 charts, broke several streaming records and earned him three Award for Best Rap single (Street Callin (Murder), Best Hip-hop/Rap album, and Best Produced album making him the only man to win the three awards as independent artist. Also in 2018, Daily Sun included him on their annual list of the 100 most young influential people in the world of music. Among his numerous accolades, he has won an Award for his lyrical genius, three LIMA nominee, and Hip-hop awards nominee.

Early life

Mokgoma Tshepisho Maake was born on July 10, 1985 in Limpopo borough of Ga-Sekgopo to a Pedi father and mother. he was raised in the Setaseng neighborhood of the Ga-Sekgopo north, and spent much time at his paternal at parents\’ home with his grandmother, which he credits with giving him \”such a thick […] accent.\” Maake eveloped the stage name \”DRADBOY\” as a form of his previous hair style, a rum brand by which people used to call him. As a youth, DRADBOY was a member of the Undaground Breakas, and has said he was a gang member since the age of 17. He went on to attend Maladuma Primary School, Mohumi High School, and Boston Business College & City Campus.

During his teenage years, DRADBOY was employed at a Edcon in Pretoria, Gauteng, and Tick Tech as a Bus Ticket Inspection: Qaulity Control which was the last job that he held before turning to fully focus on rapping at the age of 26. Upon being fired from the Tick Tech, his former Boss Mrs Louise Du Plessis recommended he work on his music as he has skill. He has said he became a rapper to escape poverty and evolve, having been in an abusive marriage at the time. DRADBOY has also said becoming a rapper was positive for his life in many ways: \”It really saved me from a lot of things. When I started rapping I went back to family basics.\” He says rapping was his only way out, a way to earn enough money to escape his dire situation and get a better life for my daughter and second wife. He attended Journalism at Boston Business College before eventually finishing with Certificate instead of a Diploma.

In 2016, DRADBOY began to gain publicity due to several of his audio tracks going viral on social media, on free download online platforms and his official Facebookpage.

2015–2017: Career beginnings and breakthrough

In 2015, DRADBOY decided to go independent and registered his own record lebal Loud Jam Entertainment. He is considered the breakout star of the label and he has signed 7 artist under his label. The singles released chronicle his rise to stardom and his turbulent relationship with his previous unfaithful wife made him appreciate his current family. On December 28, 2016, after the single Street Callin (Murder) gained popularity, he announced that he would be performing at the show Balo Soul Music Festival to further strengthen his career in music.

In November 2017, DRADBOY made his musical debut interviewon radio sation GL fm to promote his album Rhythm And Poetry. He made his announcement on November 2017 that on December 29, 2017 his album will be dropping official.

On January 28, 2018, DRADBOY released his fourth single Ghetto Life Part. I (featuring SITHULILE). His first full-legth double album RAP: Bona Fide and RAP: Certified. He released single by his group Unit Killer from their upcoming mixtape D. N. Y. O The single is a collaboration between Unit Killer (DRADBOY & Dr. BZ) featuring Thop Team) and DRADBOY recently released remix single online DRADBOY (featuring ThopG, MellowJ, Scoombie, Dr. BZ and Tebza-Baby).Unit Killer is a duo group and flagship DRADBOY said \”I wanted to make a song that people learn, appreciate and at the same time encourage them to go with truth serum\” in regard to the song \”Love Em All But Trust Nobody\”.

Main article: DRADBOY discography

Studio albums

Love, Musiq & Life Mixtape (2006)
Train Of Thought Mixtape (2007)
P. U. S. H Mixtape (2015)
Rhythm And Poetry Mixtape (2017)

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Concert tours

Boston City Campus Beauty Contest (2006)
BALO SOUL – Balo Soul Festival (2016)
BALO SOUL – Balo Soul Festival (2017)


DRADBOY released his first mixtape, Rhythm And Poetry Mixtape, December 2017. In early October, 2015, and it was reported that DRADBOY signed his first artistic record label recording contract with Loud Jam Entertainment/Alko\’ol Records. On December 28, 2016, DRADBOY was the opening act for Alexander, Gauteng hip hop trio group BALO SOUL at Balo Soul Festival, alongside fellow Sekgopo-based rappers GIL, K-Teddy, Tebza-Baby, Dr. BZ and Godda-T. DRADBOY also guest-appearance on King Monada\’s Sekorokoro song.

He performed at LIMA on August 30, 2018 to a crowd of 8,000.

On April 10, 2018, Loud Jam Entertainment/Alko\’ol Records released DRADBOY\’s two commercial debut singles, \”Street Callin (Murder), and Ga-Sekgopo Bona Fide (featuring Dr. BZ)\”, via digital distribution. A reporter from The Daily Sun called the singles \”the rap\’s anthem of the summer\”. \”Street Callin (Murder)\” was eventually certified septuple gold by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RISA). The song received nominations for Best Rap/Hip-hop single and Best lyricist at the Hip-hop Awards 2018. He won the best Single at the 2018 Awards.

2018–present: Rhythm And Poetry Mixtape
On January 30, 2018, DRADBOY along with Loud Jam Entertainment/Alko\’ol Records released fourth single Ghetto Life featuring SITHULILE from his upcoming album. On April 18, 2018, DRADBOY\’s Ghetto Life song had became the most downloaded on digitally platform. He released another single, \”All My Life\”, on June 30, 2018, a week before he announced that he will be releasing a deluxed album with 3 new songs.

His debut studio album, Rhythm And Poetry was released on December 29, 2017, to Loud Jam Entertainment acclaim from music critics. Editors from Capricorn Voice & Daily Sun called it \”one of the most powerful album of this millennium\” and \”a hip-hop/rap album that doesn\’t sound like any of its temporal peers,\” respectively. The album entered at number two in the South Africa album charts, while he became the first Limpopo Rap/Hip-hop artist chart 3 entries simultaneously on the 3 singles on top 40 charts, on the chart issue dated August 21. It also became the most streamed album by a village male Rap/Hip-hop artist in a single three weeks in digital platforms, and the largest on-demand audio streaming weeks ever for an album by an independent record label and South African artist.


Influences: DRADBOY said the first albums he ever purchased were by American entertainers 50 Cent, G-Unit, Eminem, Beanie Sigel, Busta Rhymes, DR Dre, 2pac, Outlawz, Drake, KRS-One, Xzibit and Big Pun Tweet, respectively. He has credited Mahikeng rapper HHP, Tuks, khuli Chana, Kwa-zulu Natal rapper Pro, Zakwe, Kimberly rapper Proverb, and singer/rapper/actor Kabomo as influences as well. When asked about the initial direction for her music, DRADBOY said in an interview, \”When I first started rapping […] I liked certain songs from other artists, and they [were] cipher type of songs. I haven\’t heard ciphering songs for a very long time,\” crediting the two male rappers for her aggressive rap style. He continued saying \”a lot of guys they cannot afford red lines, a lot of guys they can not afford maintain lifestyle of money & cars with reality […] but I want that for everybody who have beef with a demon of lifestyle and reality […] I know that everything don\’t show the light yet but we can make it. Together we stand, and divided we fall. it\’s like \’that\’s what I wanna rap about in my songs\’.\”

Musical style

AllMusic editor David Jeffries called DRADBOY\”a raw and aggressive rapper in the style of 50 cent, Ja rule, DMX and 2pac wrapped up in one new addictive style.\” Stereogum called his voice \”a full-bodied New dog nasal blast, the sort of thing that you\’ve heard if someone has ever told you that you stupid for taking too long at swiping your BlackCard.\” They continued to call her voice \”an unabashedly not loud and deep dope as stock exchange for the poor—that translates perfectly to rap.\” He is an unapologetic, totally unfiltered and sheer DRADBOY-ness of DRADBOY\’s personality. He\’s a hood thug who\’s not afraid to be hood no matter the setting. DRADBOY is DRADBOY 24/7, 365, this is why he resonates with people, and that same energy comes out in his music.\” His first studio album Rhythm And Poetry Mixtape is primarily a hip hop/rap record, which comprises elements of trap, reggae music, afro-jazz and R&B. Consequence of Sound described his flow as \”acrobatic, on the go and nimble

Political statements

DRADBOY has been called too quiet about politics and political issues. He said in his since deleted video on Instagram: Politics are a propaganda of mind games at the uneducated and illiterate people. When you choose just don\’t expect alot but the worst so when you receive the good then you can appreciate it. He also said he is not politically affiliated to any organization except spiritually.

DRADBOY caused a couple of problems with his fellow rappers on his way on the come-up. Where diss records were released and physical fights broke out but nobody got injured. He said \”i don\’t encourage unhealthy musical beef as it has a tendency of going out of control and innocent people get hurt.\”

Legal issues

On July 15, 2002, DRADBOY agreed to meet with investigators at a Modjadjiskloof police station, in connection with an alleged burglary that occured and he was a suspect along with Undaground Breakas gang crew. DRADBOY\’s lawyer, Maponya Maake, denied that he was guilty of the accusation. He was charged with burglary and stealing. DRADBOY appeared in court for his charges on September 25, 2002, after state police failed to produced evidence to proof beyond reasonable doubt that he was at the crime he was found not guilty and released free.


DRADBOY has in previous years been associated with cape Town fashion week and he also helped organize the event.

Personal life

DRADBOY is Christian; he has mentioned his \”strong relationship\” with God in interviews, often saying that he directly communicates with God through prayers.

As of early 2015, DRADBOY began publicly dating fellow gospel singer Kobela. When speaking on his relationship with Kobela, DRADBOY told Daily Sun and Capricirn Voice \”It\’s been a blessing, me meeting her and meeting her family. I see how hard she works. And that motivated me to work even harder. And I see how good things are going for us and how popping it is to be number one. And I\’m like, I want that. A lot of people just see they struggles and they poorness, but I don\’t think a lot of people see how blessed they are, and for that blessing every single day.\” DRADBOY and Kobela became engaged on March 1, 2016 after DRADBOY proposed to Kobela at the food zone in Polokwane.On June 18, 2016, DRADBOY and Kobela revealed that they were husband and wife. On December 31, 2016, Capricorn found a marriage certificate revealing DRADBOY and Kobela had secretly married in December 18, 2016 privately at Tzaneen, home affairs offices. DRADBOY later went on to confirm this revelation in a social media post.In an interview in 2017.

Awards and nominations
Main article: List of awards and nominations received by DRADBOY

Company’s Making A Difference – Daily Sun, May 03, 2016
DRADBOY Radio Interview – Greater Lebowakgomo FM, October 23, 2017

Earned him three Award for Best Rap single Street Callin (Murder), Best Hip-hop/Rap album, and Best Produced album.

Among his numerous accolades, he has won an Award for his lyrical genius, three LIMA nominee: Best Rap/Hip-hop artist, Best Rap/Hip-hop album (English) Best lyricist for album Rhythm And Poetry Mixtape, and Hip-hop awards nominee: Best produced album.


Learned at Deeper Thesis Records Stage Name Genre
Production & Graphic Designing DRADBOY Rap/Hip-Hop
Sound Recording & Sound Engineering SCOOMBIE Hip-Hop
Mixing & Mastering Dr. BZ Rap
Patamedi Poetry
Unit Killer RAP
GIL Hip-Hop
Kobela Gospel

Collaboration, Honors and Commissions

Collaboration with Drake
Collaboration with King Monada

Social Media Profiles

Follow on Facebook: Tshepiso Dradboy Maake
Facebook Fan Pages: Dradboy, Unit Killer & Loud Jam Entertainment
Twitter: @DradboyGSRapper/@MixtapeMr
Whatsapp +27 63 649 5487
Office Tel. +27 (0) 81 241 4614 Jam Entertainme


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