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People Of Equal Thoughts and Spirit (P.O.E.T.S) is a vibrant and talented group of Poets and creative artistes founded in 2010 with a sole aim of promoting poetry and spoken word in the Ghanaian Society and the world, creating an environment where poets and poetry lovers can write, share and perform their work, through events, formation of poetry clubs and the nurturing of talent, engaging the various generations through the evolution of poetry

POETS have partner with a number of organizations in executing their respective projects in line with performance arts and literature.

P.O.E.T.S as we are known for have created and number of platforms and brands in the art circles including

• Alewa Poetry Show
Alewa is the Ghanaian word for a locally homemade candy. It is very colourful and the makers blend the colours and the ingredients in a way that makes it attractive and sweet, so is Spoken Word / Poetry, where words are blended to paint an attractive picture that the observer, reader, or listener can relate to. The “Alewa” has been acronymously coined by the organizers of this show, which means and as well describes the artistes performing on the show,

• Ministry of Poetry
Bi-annual Poetry Seminar/workshop with an objective to help poets in understanding and appreciating a variety of genres–in this case poetry and appreciating the business side of their craft.

• Word Weavers Gh
A talent management group of poets

• Poemhouse
Poetry and poems can be seen as a commodity and so there should be a storage facility for such commodity, PoemHouse is a poetry cloud portal that seeks to store, preserve and market as many African poems as possible including videos, audios and text.

• “Poetential” Women
A platform that seeks to empower female poets to use their talents in fighting for the cause of the woman and social activism as a whole
Other events and platforms include

• OpenThoughts Open Mic Session
• Ndaba Poetry and Acoustic
• Big 6 Poetry Show
• #BringBackOurPoets
• Lyrical Dexterity
• Monday Poets On Yfm

contact POETS on +233246419861/ +233209604612
twitter: @poequalthoughts


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