Kodak Moments 3(3)



Product Genre: Afro Pop, Hip hop

Born n raised in Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe.
Warren Munashe Hand’tye aka Warren H aka BoiH aka Israel’s Gr8 Gr8 Grandson is a 24 year old GOD-given Musician, Record Producer,
2014 Zima nominated Record & Mix Engineer, 2015 Zima nominated Artist, Singer/Song writer, Record Exec and entrepreneur.
Because of my families history, I was bound to end up in the entertainment industry one way or
the other. Growing up my Uncle used to run a music magazine, Jive Fanzine. Because of the mag
I went to a lot of live shows in all genres and had the opportunity
to meet Zimbabwe’s finest musicians before i even turned 13.In High school
i was known for one thing and one thing only, playing basketball and was amazing at it
but no matter what i did music found me. I tried to resist and did for a while but In 2006-07
I met a Pianist with a potent gospel background and a Hip Hop artist
at school and we spoke the same language, music. We shared a room at school, lived ,
ate and was music, at that point I just caved. Ever since that day I’ve been
part music and music part me. I think this is the same reason i took piano lessons @ the Zim College of Music.
I got a way with words and melody, Picasso meets van Gogh, my music has a unique but familiar voice.


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