Ceremony Ft Hat Munetsi

Ceremony Ft Hat Munetsi


Product Genre: Afro Beat, House, Other
Product Country: Angola

Bruno Luciano Matos De Andrade born in 1989-09-09 Angola-Luanda ”DJ X-Trio” started DJing in the year 1999 and production in 2003, but it was only in 2005 that his name broke the shells (as an active DJ) and later kicked-off with a Mega Hit ”Xtrilho”…. He started playing in his house and close friends parties. As time went by he started getting more experience and started playing for other people and small events. With basically little or no support he chased his dreams ”Non-Stop” as his family didn’t want him to be part of the music game. At the end 2006 he had his first hit in his mother land ”Angola” (plus many other countries) and up to the present date he has not stop releasing hits after hits most known by his fans/followers as ”AfroFlava Mix”. He is now considered by many one of the best house music producer (Plus Remixer) in Angola. His name has been part of many shows and events from clubs to private parties,live shows and TV/Radio shows along the years. He has also shared same stage/worked with many international DJs Like.. Louie Vega,Neil Armstrong(One of Jay-z’s official tour DJ),Hip Hop Dan (U.S.A), Master Jam(S.A), Mario Rock (Portugal) etc… and has signed with several online Record Labels like Nulu Records_Owned by Anane Vegas/Antonello Cough (U.S.A) ; Melomania Records_by Paso Doble (Canada) ; Akwaaba Records_ by Benjamin Lebrave (Ghana) And has produced/worked tunes for several DJs/Singers like Cabo Snoop, Anselmo Ralph,Bruno M,Dji Tafinha,Agre-G,Maskarado,Big Nelo,Kataleya,DJ Manya,DJ Kapiro,DJ Znobia…also collaborates with many other Record Labels + artists & he now runs his own Record Label called AfroFlava Music


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