Bozza anthem

Bozza anthem


Product Genre: Drum and Base
Product Country: South Africa

The group started in 2011. It all started just after Tyla rich met Lavish189 a year later Wanda arrived from KZN and soon met Bezzo who later introduced him to Lavish. That same afternoon when Tyla went to Lavish Urban Touch is a group which was formed by three young South Africans namely Wanda, Sdumo and Tyla Rich. Wanda who had the dream in kwiato/house came to Cape Town from KZN. Sdumo who also he found Wanda free styling on a beat which Lavish had done Tyla soon joined in but there was something missing, a voice for the chorus. Wanda knew Sdumo and when Sdumo started singing we all knew that we had our first single. It was the birth of Khathaza and the birth of Urban Touch. New style feeling and a total new kind of kwiato feel. Who ever knew that deep house and kwiato could make a great combo.


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