Product Genre: Afro Jazz
Product Country: Zambia

Mumba Yachi is a folk singer that was born and raised in Mokambo, Zambia. Mumba grew up around several musical influences, his mother sang in church while his father was a fan of various African artists such as Franco Luambo, Makaidi and Fela Kuti and also listened to reggae legend Peter Tosh.

Determined to become an artist Mumba learnt how to play the guitar at 16 and a few years later went on to become one of Zambia’s most loved and talented artists. Mumba Yachi’s music is deeply rooted in his African roots.

Mumba Yachi became an artist out of the passion and interest of being a musician. His music is folk rooted music, afrobeat and world music. The message in his music describes how he feels; from the emphasis of respecting nature to the importance of humanity, as well as the importance of women emancipation. His music has earned him recognition by the United Nations Development Programme, he was selected to be a Music champion/ambassador for the HeForShe Global Campaign appealing to men and boys to sign up and be part of the cause to empower women and fight gender inequality against women. In a nutshell he is a conscious musician who stresses the importance of preserving Mother Nature and humanity.

Mumba has won several awards including a Zambia Music Award for Best Traditional Album for Mokambo. Throughout his career Mumba has worked with several artists including Amayenge, Sakala brothers, Sir Jones, Pilato, Namvula, Mutinta, Kanji and James Sakala. Furthermore he has shared a stage with legends of music such as Bra Hugh Masekela, Oliver Mtukudzi and Zonke.


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