Product Genre: Other
Product Country: Nigeria

Lexzy Doo AKA Adeyemi Micheal Adeleleke

Label: HOX Records

Artists Genre: Urban

Adeyemi Micheal Adeleleke A.K.A ” Lexzy Doo ” was born in west Germany
on the 19 of november 1970. His musical career got started with a
group by the name of ” X Appeal ” in the university of Lagos Nigeria.

Lexzy Doo has been into music since 1987 right from his school days.
Lexzy Doo has been a popular dancer and was always found organizing
school events parties. Music has always been in his blood

In the year 2000 he came out with an album with his group ” X appeal ”
called ” Bo Mess”. In 2002 he went solo. During 2002 he came out with
his first single called “MORE” and that was a big hit song in Nigeria.

The next more was for an album titled ” LEXZYS WORLD ” a thirteen
track album featuring stars like Rugged man and Nomorelosss. Lexy has
performed in some very big shows including

The most beautiful girl in Nigeria competition.
Star Mega Jamz of Nigeia shows.
University shows all over the country.

Lexzy Doo has performed in Ghana, Benin republic and some of the other
smaller african nations.
Lexzy Doo is pretty busy all the time and likes to keep it that way.
At the moment Lexzy Doo is working on his hot new clothing line called
“Doo Doo wears” and new material for his next album.

” Lexzy Doo ” is an MGN AFRICA, Perfect Pitch and Blue Pie artist. You
can get ” Lexzy Doo ” at all leading digital retailers on the planet.


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