02 Track 2

02 Track 2


Product Genre: Other, Spaza
Product Country: South Africa

Shaun Jonas goes by the performance name of “Kritsi Ye’Spaza “. He was born in 1982 in the Cape Town township of Gugulethu. He started honing his skills as a wordsmith at an early age. By the time he was 16 Kritsi and his friends Baby Brown, Major, Vux and Scu formed the group UNIC. Up to this day, they are regarded as the pioneers of the Cape Town Xhosa brand of Hip Hop called Spaza. They have performed at many different shows.
Kritsi has been featured on many albums and music videos. He has been featured on a number of successful tracks that have received major airplay nationwide. Recently, he collaborated with Rattex on a track entitled Get Down. He was also featured by an American Hip Hop artist, Viva Fidel on the track War Drums. He has also collaborated with Lungelo (T.S. Records) on his debut album, namely on the tracks Where I’m from and Dirty Girl and recently on Driemanskaaps music video I will make It.
Kritsi proved his versatility when he ventured into acting. He was a member of the cast on the immensely successful play Hip Hop Connected.His prowess on the mic and killer rhymes in his vernacular Xhosa language captured the interest of the founders of a newly formed record label, Mo’ Fire Music, leading to him being signed onto the label in 2006. Kritsi Ye’Spaza’s debut album is a 19 track album entitled Number One and was released in May 2010. This album chronicles his musical journey and township life as witnessed through his eyes.


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